Friday Discussion: Secondary and Depth Chart Changes

Today we’ll cover four topics and focus on three different positions: defensive back, defensive line and wide receiver.

Antone Exum is a Better Cornerback than Kyle Fuller

Ok, hear me out. Notice I said “cornerback” and not “football player”. Kyle Fuller is the better overall football player, but Antone Exum is a better cornerback. Exum has become sort of a whipping boy amongst Tech fans. Watch a game on TV in a public place and listen to the comments of the fans around you about Exum and you’ll see what I mean.

Kyle Fuller was beaten deep by Rashad Greene in the game against Florida State.

Fuller, on the other hand, is still regarded as a good cornerback, even though he’s been beaten deep for touchdowns a lot more than Exum. Exum is almost always in a position to make a play on the ball, but he’s still playing the position for the first time, and he’s still developing a feel for things. In fact, the reason he gets called for pass interference so much isn’t because he’s getting burned. It’s because he’s in a position to make the play, but he just hasn’t figured out how to make it without interfering at this point in his career.