The New Normal

I would say that last night’s loss is the straw that broke the camel’s back for me, but it’s not.  My camel’s back was broken in the Sugar Bowl, and before that it was beaten to a pulp by Boise State.  Last night wasn’t surprising.  Last night has become the new normal.

The Book on Losing Gets Longer

Last night, Virginia Tech wrote a new chapter in the book on how to lose a football game.  Actually, they might have written a full-fledged sequel.  How did they lose this one?  Let me count the ways:

Bobbling a punt snap, which led to a blocked punt, which led to a short Miami touchdown
Missing an extra point
Missing a 47 yard field goal (not an easy kick, obviously)
Allowing an 81 yard kickoff return, which led to a short Miami touchdown
Throwing an interception in the red zone
Fumbling the snap on the 1 yard line
Overthrowing a wide open fullback on 4th and 1
Dropping a touchdown pass
Poor clock management at the end of the first half (more on that later)