Video: Defensive Line vs. Duke

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Virginia Tech’s defensive line was a big factor in the win over Duke last Saturday.  Today we’ll take a quick look at some specific plays from the second half of that game.

Play 1: Corey Marshall gets to the inside of the offensive tackle and forces Renfree to leave the pocket.  Renfree is a much better player inside the pocket, and he’s just looking to get the ball out of his hands on this play.

Tech’s defensive line punished Duke.

Play 2: Derrick Hopkins gets the initial pressure, and Luther Maddy cleans things up for the sack.  All four Tech defensive linemen were deep in the backfield by the end of the play.

Play 3: The right tackle slides out to deal with the pass rush of Jack Tyler, leaving James Gayle in one-on-one situation with right guard Laken Tomlinson.  Tomlinson is a r-sophomore who held offers from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa State, Michigan State, Northwestern, Ohio State, Stanford, Tennessee and Wisconsin.  Gayle ran right over top of him for the sack.  Corey Marshall likely would have recorded the sack if Gayle had been a little bit slower.

Play 4: This shotgun snap was botched, but I don’t think that mattered.  The Hokies had this play bottled up from the beginning.  Three Tech defenders were in the backfield trying to get the football.

Play 5: Another Duke offensive lineman gets steamrolled by James Gayle .  This time it’s right tackle Perry Simmons.  Poor guy.

Play 6: vtmatt04 asked me on the Subscribers Board why the Hokies aren’t running more zone blitzes this year.  That’s because they are using