Q&A: Clemson, Signal Stealing, and the Underdog Role


1) It’s no secret that our defense has been weak this year, but last year when we were by all measure better, we still got man-handled by Clemson. So, does Bud need to revamp our defense (either with different type of recruits or philosophy), or do you think we can beat Clemson with no major changes required?

Chris Coleman: I’m glad you asked this question, because it gives me a chance to respond to some posts on our message boards regarding Bud’s defense vs. modern spread offenses. But first, let me answer your specific question first.

Keep in mind that Virginia Tech and Clemson are in opposite divisions of the ACC. The teams faced each other in 2006 and 2007, in 2011, and now again in 2012. The teams will not face each other in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Would you revamp an entire defense, either schematically or by recruiting differently, based on the chance that you might face Clemson in the ACC Championship Game? Nope. No way.