Becton Dominates

Today we’re going to take a look at one of Virginia Tech’s unsung heroes from the first half of the season: Nick Becton .

When a team is having a down season, the tendency becomes to focus on the negative things that are happening. When that happens, it’s easy to overlook guys who are playing well, particularly if they are at an unglamorous position such as offensive tackle. Today we’re going to right that wrong, and highlight Nick Becton ‘s play at the left tackle position.

Becton has played well in every game this season. Today we’re going to highlight his play against UNC. I picked 22 plays from that game to include in our highlight package, but honest, I could have selected almost all of his plays from that game. For the sake of time, I limited myself.

Check out these 22 plays. You’ll be impressed. Remember, Becton is the left tackle for the Hokies, and he wears #54.