Hokies Lack Toughness

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I’m a Braves fan, a Hokie fan, and a Packers fan, so the weekend wasn’t kind to me.  I was angry after the games on Friday and Sunday.  After Saturday’s Tech game, I wasn’t angry.  I was depressed.  But I wasn’t surprised.  Not at all.

UNC crushed the Hokies physically, as Dyrell Roberts (concussion) can attest.

I was depressed because it really hit me that this team just isn’t good, not at all, and they probably won’t be at any point this year.  They just don’t have it.  The bowl streak is in jeopardy, and right now, 6-6 – or a game in either direction – seems likely.

But that’s not why I was really depressed.  I was depressed because the Hokies were soundly thrashed at the line of scrimmage.  I’ve seen a program that was once one of the most physical teams in the country gradually develop into a team that features an offensive line (and wide receivers and tight ends) that wander around without hitting anybody.  I’ve seen a defense that returned nearly the entire front seven from a very good unit a year ago actually regress and play less physically.

If you’ve followed Tech football for long enough, you shouldn’t be upset that we are 3-3, because for every program in the country, this is going to happen at some point.  However, you should be upset at how and why the Hokies are 3-3.

Giovani Bernard Takes the Lunch Pail as a Trophy

If Tech’s Lunch Pail shows up missing this week, I’ll have a pretty good idea where it can be found.  After running over, around and through the Tech defense on Saturday, Giovani Bernard probably took it as a prize.  If he actually did, I couldn’t blame him.  He deserves it, after what he did to the Hokies.

As covered in last week’s game preview, UNC’s offensive line is very big, very experienced, and very talented.  It’s arguably the top offensive line in the ACC, and the Tar Heel offense as a whole had put up 400+ yards of total offense against every team