Monday Thoughts: Hokies, Beamer Facing Tough Road

I’ve decided — like most of you — that I’m not going to dwell on the specifics of this game. There’s too much other stuff to talk about.

First, though, let’s get our Big Hit Nominee and Top Ten Nominee out of the way:

Big Hit Nominee: With four minutes left in the first half, Jack Tyler blitzed Munchie Legaux and absolutely blasted him as he released the football. The pass, sadly, was complete, but still a great hit by Tyler.

Top Ten Nominee: Kris Harley shows off his athleticism with a diving interception late in the second quarter against Cincinnati.

Top Ten Play Nominees: Bruce Taylor and Kris Harley combining on a first half interception that spotted the Hokies with great field position at a time when the offense was struggling (to say the least); Corey Fuller’s 56-yard TD catch that put the Hokies up 24-20 with 1:49 to go.