Another Tough Loss in DC

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A few years back, we were talking about what it would take for the program to take a “step forward” and start competing with the likes of LSU, Alabama, etc.  Instead of taking that step forward, a few short years later, the Hokies find themselves 0-2 in the Big East.

That’s tough to hear, but it’s true.  Yesterday’s loss had many of the same ingredients as past Tech losses, with the exception of bad special teams play.  Indeed, Frank has his special teams playing pretty well this year, and true freshman punter A.J. Hughes continued to impress.

I started this article this afternoon, but couldn’t really find the strength or willpower to keep going.  I’m tired of talking about the same thing each week, just as much as you are.  After watching a little NFL, doing some reading and getting my weekly Boardwalk Empire fix, I’m finally ready to address the topics that most of you have been talking about since about 7pm on Saturday night.

Halftime Adjustments…Too Little, Too Late

Virginia Tech didn’t record a first down in the first half until approximately 5 minutes remaining in the second quarter.  They eventually picked up a second first down of the first half, after the defense got them a turnover.  The Hokies had 72 yards of total offense in the first half, and 402 for the game.

402 yards of total offense for the game is pretty good.  Good enough to win, if you don’t turn the ball over in the redzone (which Tech did) and don’t overthrow a wide open wide receiver on a key third down play (which Tech also did).  But the major point is this: why was Virginia Tech able to put up 330 yards of total offense in the second half after looking completely incompetent in the first half?

I’ll give the staff credit for making those adjustments, but they need to come sooner…a lot sooner.  It shouldn’t take 30 minutes to figure out what’s going on.  Fortunately, the defense played great in the first half, and the Hokies actually led the game 7-6 at halftime.  Tech only had the ball for a little over 12 minutes in the first half, and that’s not good.

Tech was able to stay in the game against Cincinnati, despite this.  You think that will happen against high powered offenses such as Clemson, FSU, or even UNC?  Doubtful.  Cincinnati is a solid football team, but they aren’t good enough to make Tech look as bad as they did in the first half yesterday.  That’s Tech’s fault.

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