Monday Thoughts: Hokies Regroup Behind Running Game

Tony Gregory finds running room against Bowling Green.

Last week was a rough week. Any time the Hokies melt down like they did against Pittsburgh, it’s a wild and woolly ride for a few days, then on Tuesday or Wednesday, the introspective posts start. Some great discussion generally occurs late in the week after a big loss, but it’s got one overriding characteristic: it’s not positive.

It’s weeks like last week where everyone questions things, and extensive discussion occurs about the shortcomings of the program Frank Beamer has built … and there are shortcomings. Every program except for a tiny handful has its problems. But when the shortcomings become the primary topic, and people talk about wishing things were different, it’s hard to get through.

But that’s the great thing about football: there’s always another game on deck. They kick the next one off right on time, and everyone gets a chance to redeem themselves. Saturday, the Hokies and their coaching staff redeemed themselves, to varying degrees, in a 37-0 win.

Then, Saturday night, we got to watch Florida State and Clemson, and … wow. Looks like we’re gunning for Atlanta, baby! And if we don’t make that, the Champs Sports Bowl in Orlando would be a nice change of pace. What’s that? The name has been changed to Russell Athletic Bowl? Um, okay, whatever. It’s in Orlando, where Disney World is. Pack up the kids.