A Step in the Right Direction

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Logan Thomas ran tough against Bowling Green.

Virginia Tech took a step in the right direction in yesterday’s 37-0 win over Bowling Green.

Sure, it’s Bowling Green.  If the Hokies had lost this game, then it would have been their own fault.  But the Falcons aren’t terrible, having played Florida so tough in the swamp in the opening week of the season.  Yesterday was the closest Tech has come to playing a complete game this season, and that’s a good sign as we head into next week’s game against Cincinnati.

Hokies Attack Bowling Green on the Outside

After a rough start in the first quarter, the Tech offense unleashed 21 points on Bowling Green in the second quarter, and kept up the attack throughout the second half.  It wasn’t quite four quarters of complete football, but it’s a major step forward from what we saw in the first three games of the season.

There were a few things I really liked about Tech’s offensive performance yesterday.

1: The gameplan attacked the weakness of Bowling Green’s defense.  The Hokies came out passing to try and take advantage of a Falcon secondary that hasn’t been good this year.  When that didn’t work, the coaching staff adjusted to the next best thing: they attacked the edges with the running game.  They avoided the strength of Bowling Green’s defense, which features arguably the best defensive tackle and best middle linebacker in the MAC.

2: They featured the personnel that fit the best in their gameplan.  They decided to attack the outside, and they did it with their fastest running backs: Tony Gregory and J.C. Coleman .  They didn’t waste time on slow developing outside zones with Michael Holmes or Martin Scales.  The found ways to get the ball to the outside quickly, and with