Pitt Hammers Tech in the Trenches

James Gayle and the entire Hokie football team had a tough day in Pittsburgh, losing 35-17 in a game that wasn’t that close.

I watched yesterday’s debacle with Will Stewart, Raleigh Hokie and Mrs. Raleigh Hokie.  Out of everyone at the table, Mrs. Raleigh probably had the best comment of the day: “It’s like the LSU game, except we’re not playing LSU.”

Pretty much.  The Hokies were thoroughly outmanned on both sides of the ball.  Only this time it came to an 0-2 team that had been whipped by Youngstown State and Cincinnati, not the eventual National Champions.

No reason to pull any punches.  It was an embarrassment in almost all phases of the game.  The only saving grace was special teams, which returned a punt for a touchdown, converted their only field goal attempt, punted well and in general had good coverage.  I know they had a couple of penalties, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because they did so many other good things.

That game was just like the 2001 game at Pitt, and just like in 2001, it came against a team with a losing record.  I swear, I thought I saw Latif Grim running down the sideline wide open at some point.  Sigh.