We’ll Take It

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I talked with my buddies during the game about a number of things: the wide receivers, Logan Thomas being off, the outstanding play of the defense, etc.  At soon as Cody Journell ‘s final field goal sailed through the uprights, we only had one thing to say to each other: “We’ll take it.”

It wasn’t a pretty win, but we’ll take it.  For most of the game, things seemed all too familiar.  The offense was shooting itself in the foot and not taking advantage of opportunities, and special teams handed Georgia Tech a free touchdown.  Meanwhile, the defense was playing great.  Sounds like a typical Virginia Tech loss, doesn’t it?  Raleigh Hokie happened to be sitting in the row behind me last night, and at one point during the third quarter I turned around and told him, “I think we’ve written this article before.”

Indeed we have.  Fortunately we won’t have to write it again today.  For all their imperfections last night, Virginia Tech came through with big plays when they needed to make them, and they won the football game.  A more comfortable margin would have been nice, but 1-0 is 1-0, no matter how the scoreboard looked.

Virginia Tech coming back with the passing game is not something we’ve seen too often over the years.  We all remember Jim Druckenmiller doing it against UVA back in 1995, but for the majority of the Beamer Bowl Era, if the Hokies were trailing in the fourth quarter, they were going to lose.

That started changing a bit in 2009 during the comeback against Nebraska, though that was more a case of the Huskers blowing a coverage deep down the field.  In 2010 at NC State, the Hokies trailed 17-0 in the first half and came back to win, and quite a bit of that was on the arm of Tyrod Taylor.  However, the big one came last year against Miami, when Logan Thomas led the Hokies back.

Last night was different, however.  While Thomas had played well against Miami for the entire game, he had not played well against Georgia Tech.  Against the Canes, he had several minutes to lead the offense down the field.  Last night, he had just 44 seconds.  It wasn’t a likely outcome, when you take the history of Virginia Tech football into consideration.

In a narrower scope, the outcome means that the road to the Coastal Division Championship now runs through Blacksburg.  The Hokies are ahead of Georgia Tech in the standings, and they control the head-to-head tiebreaker.  They are effectively two games