Game Week is Here

Even though the Hokies don’t play for another seven days, I’ll go ahead and say it.  Game week is here.  After all, everybody is coming into Blacksburg on Friday anyway, right?

The Freshmen are in for Quite an Experience

Playing as a true freshman in Division 1-A college football is a big deal.  It can be a little nerve-racking though, particularly if that first game is a big one.  As far as conference games go, it doesn’t get any bigger than the one Virginia Tech will be playing one week from tonight.  The freshmen will have to get rid of their butterflies early.

We don’t know for sure that all of these guys will play this year.  We don’t know which will play against Georgia Tech.  Perhaps Austin Peay would be a better “break in” game.  At any rate, let’s go over the true freshmen you’ll see on the sideline for the opener.