Practice Opens in Blacksburg

Yesterday I wrote an article called “Hokies Big Up Front in 2012”.  After watching the first hour of practice Tuesday, I’m ready to go back and change that title.  Tech isn’t just big up front.  They are big almost everywhere.

James Gayle and Zack McCray

From top to bottom, I think this is the biggest Virginia Tech team I’ve seen.  And I don’t have to look at the heights and weights on the official roster to tell me that.  Walking from position drill to position drill yesterday, it struck me that this is the most physically imposing Tech team in school history, in my opinion, at least.

A QB who is 6-6, 260.  Two huge offensive tackles.  Brent Benedict very much looks the part.  Third string defensive linemen who are built like starters.  Four inside linebackers who stand out.  Cornerback Antone Exum is 6-1, 224.  A number of big guys at wide receiver and tight end.  With the exception of Vinston Painter, I don’t think any offensive lineman looks as imposing as Michael Via.  The list goes on.  This team looks good getting off the bus.  If they play as well as they look, we’ll be in for a treat.

Tech’s also signed an impressive looking freshman class.  Some of them stood out to me more than others: