Finally…Football Has Arrived

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It wasn’t that long ago that we were still complaining about the Sugar Bowl.  What’s that?  You’re still complaining about the Sugar Bowl?  Well, perhaps the fact that 2012 preseason practice begins tomorrow will help everyone let go of the past a little bit.

With last night’s opening preseason NFL game, it’s official: football season has begun.  Anxious to start talking Tech football?  Me too.  Let’s start today by discussing a few different subjects.

#20 is a Little Low

The preseason Coaches’ Poll was released last week, and Virginia Tech is ranked #20 in the country.  That’s their lowest preseason ranking in that poll since 2004, when they opened the season unranked.  Since then, Tech has opened in the top 16 every year until now.

2012: #20
2011: #13
2010: #6
2009: #7
2008: #15
2007: #9
2006: #16
2005: #7

Rankings crack me up sometimes.  I look back at some of those teams, and I wonder how the 2008 team was ever thought to be the #15 team in the country.  That team had a good defense (as usual), but the offensive line was below average, the quarterback was a true sophomore, all the wide receivers were freshmen, and Kenny Lewis, Jr. was the starting tailback for half the season.  At no point that entire year was that team the 15th best in the country, despite the fact that they won the ACC.

To me it seems pretty laughable that the 2008 team could have been ranked five spots higher in the preseason than the 2012 team.  The 2012 team has more talent (and more experienced talent) at nearly every position on the field.  Think about some of the matchups:

Give the 2008 group the advantage at tailback and tight end, but for the most part, I don’t think the 2008 team could compete with the 2012 group.  I don’t think the 2008 offense could score against the 2012 defense unless they were handed great field position, or Tyrod