Recruiting the 757: Part 2

Yesterday   we   gave   you   some   facts   and   figures   of   recruiting   in   the   757.    The   basic   fact   is   that   Tech’s   recruiting   in   the   Tidewater   has   been   on   a   steady   decline.    The   reasons   for   that   are   entirely   up   for   debate.

Should   Stiney   Go   Back   to   the   Virginia   Beach   Area   Full-Time?

As   we   covered   yesterday,   Bryan   Stinespring’s   recruiting   responsibility   shifted   from   the   Virginia   Beach   area   to   Southside   Virginia   back   in   early   2006.    Fortunately   for   the   Hokies,   Logan   Thomas,   Andrew   Miller   and   David   Wilson   were   all   in   Stinespring’s   new   recruiting   territory.    He   landed   them   all.

When   Virginia   Tech   made   their   staff   changes   in   February   of   2011,   they   did   move   Stinespring   back   to   the   Virginia   Beach   area   partially,   with   Curt   Newsome   shifting   over   to   the   peninsula.    How   active   Stinespring   is   in   the   757   isn’t   clear,   but   I   think   as   time   goes   by   he   will   become   more   active.