Kamara Talks Latest Visit, Summer Plans

Lake   Taylor   (Norfolk,   VA)   rising   junior   Jamil   Kamara   hit   the   recruiting   trail   last   Friday,   June   22, when   he   took   an   unofficial   visit   to   the   University   of   Virginia.    The   6’2″,   190-pound   wide   receiver   discussed   his   visit   to   Charlottesville   and   revealed   where   he   may   head   next   in   this   latest   update.

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Kamara   already   had   a   favorable   impression   of   the   Cavaliers   before   last   week,   stating     href=”http://www.techsideline.com/article/?p=182113″>in   May   that   UVa   was   one   of   three   schools   (along   with   Georgia   Tech   and   Virginia   Tech)   that   had   really   impressed   him.    This   latest   experience   appears   to   have   enhanced   UVa’s   standing.

“It   definitely   changed   my   impression   (of   UVa)   in   a   positive   way,”   Kamara   said.

“It   was   real   nice.    I   enjoyed   it.    I   got   a   tour.    I   got   to   talk   to   the   coaches.    I   sat   down   with   the   coaches   and   watched   film.    I   really   like   the   offense   they   run.    The   offensive   coordinator   is   real   nice.”