Friday Q&A: June 15, 2012

1) Does Logan Thomas need to run more in 2012 to cover for the departed David Wilson and his 1,700+ yards in 2011? Or is that something that Thomas attempts to make up via passing? Or is that something that a version of tailback via committee must supplement as best they can? 

GMSA: Actually, I do think we will see Logan Thomas run more in 2012 than he did in 2011.  However, I don’t think the offense will need a big running year from Logan in order to be successful.  Let’s face it – Logan Thomas isn’t the running threat that guys like Tyrod Taylor or Mike Vick were.  Logan is not going to take off from the pocket unless he has to, and with his height, he can easily see over the top and he has the footwork and agility to move around and find throwing lanes.

Logan Thomas

Logan picks his spots to take off.  I think the coaches will call a lot of read-option with Logan Thomas and Michael Holmes this year, and Logan will end up keeping his fair share of those carries.  Logan is probably not a guy who is going to accelerate to beat the defense to the edge and rip off a big gain, nor is he a guy who is going to use his cutting ability to dance through the pocket and carve through the secondary for an electrifying touchdown run through traffic.  He is an efficient and powerful running QB who makes good decisions and has better than average top-end speed.  He actually reminds me more of Ben Roethlisberger in college than he does any of his recent predecessors at Virginia Tech.

Personally, I think the coaching staff is secretly giddy about the running game this coming fall.  It’s true that they have a LOT of unproven backs, but it is also true that the guys they have coming in this fall are all extremely talented.  Michael Holmes is a guy that took somewhat of a step back this past Spring.  He had some very good moments in spring, but he seemed to run with a lot more confidence in the fall.  Part of that could be the stifling play of the defensive line too.  The Hokies need Holmes to step up and be a playmaker at that position this fall, and I think he will.  He certainly has the talent and vision.