Friday Q&A: June 8, 2012

1) What team on our schedule is the most able to exploit our young/inexperienced secondary the most?

Chris Coleman: First of all, just for the record, I think our secondary is going to be fine as long as there are no injuries.  I have trust in those starters, particularly Kyle Fuller , Antone Exum and Detrick Bonner .  I’m confident that Kyshoen Jarrett will be there by the time the season begins as well.  Remember, he’s only a true sophomore.

Detrick Bonner

From a pure talent standpoint, I guess we could look at Clemson, Miami and Florida State as the teams most likely to exploit Tech’s young secondary.  But the Hokies will have seven games under their belts when they begin that three-game stretch.  The safeties won’t be young anymore.  They’ll have plenty of experience.

I’ll tell you the team that concerns me: Georgia Tech.  Tech’s safeties will need to be able to tackle in the open field, and they also need to play calm.  They can’t bite on run fakes and then leave a wide open Georgia Tech receiver down the field.  The Yellow Jackets don’t throw the ball a lot, but they can be successful hitting big plays down the field, because their spread option attack sucks in defensive backs to support the run.  That’s the thing I’m most leery of in the opening game of the season.