Williams a Good Get for the Hokies

Virginia   Tech   picked   up   a   valuable   pledge   on   Tuesday   when   2014   tailback     href=’/player/Marshawn-Williams-3392/’>   Marshawn Williams     made   his   verbal   commitment.    Williams   is   Tech’s   second   verbal   of   the   2014   class.

The   numbers   Williams   put   up   during   the   2011   season   were   not   flashy.    He   rushed   for   nearly   700   yards   and   added   13   touchdowns,   while   also   playing   well   on   the   defensive   side   of   the   ball.    He   was   splitting   time   with   two   senior   running   backs   who   were   talented   players   in   their   own   right.    With   all   of   the   carries   to   himself   in   2012,   look   for   Williams   to   explode   in   his   junior   season.

Williams   already   has   very   good   size.    He’s   over   200   and   his   junior   year   of   high   school   hasn’t   even   begun.    I   anticipate   that   in   time   he   will   be   a   220-225lbs   running   back   for   the   Hokies.    He   has   impressive   lower   body   strength.    He   runs   low   and   with   a   forward   lean,   meaning   he   always   falls   forward   after   contact   and   it   generally   takes   at   least   2-3   players   to   bring   him   to   the   ground.

Let’s   look   forward   several   years.    In   all   likelihood,   Williams   will   redshirt   at   Tech   in   2014   as   most   true   freshmen   do.    In   2015   he   will   be   a   r-freshman,   and   here’s   how   Tech’s   running   back   depth   chart   could   potentially   look   at   that   time.