Friday Q&A: May 4, 2012

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1: Most major football analyses that I’ve seen say that our running game is going to be sub-par this year. I completely disagree with that statement, and I think they make a bad habit out of conveniently forgetting that they have said the same thing about us for the past three seasons. What do you think will be our major problems early on in the season, and what do you think could be our Achilles heel for the entire season?

Michael Holmes

Chris Coleman: That’s an interesting question, and no, I don’t think the running game is going to be sub-par, either.  I think it’s going to be very, very different from what it looked like last year, but I don’t see it being sub-par.  Michael Holmes and David Wilson couldn’t be any more different.  All of what Holmes lacks as a running back is possessed by David Wilson.  All of what Wilson lacks as a running back is possessed by Michael Holmes .  The running game is going to look very different this year, because those two backs are very different.

Also, the offensive line is going to be a lot different.  The 2012 line is going to be bigger and stronger on the interior, and it will be more suited for inside running in my opinion.  We’ll definitely still see the outside zone plays, but I see the inside zones being more effective than they were with David Wilson running the football.

What will be our major problems early in the season?  Timing, both in the passing game and the running game.  Logan Thomas only has significant time with two of his receivers – D.J. Coles and Marcus Davis .  I’d expect there to be some issues in the passing game as a result, particularly early in the season.

Timing in the running game is a big deal.  The running backs have to know their offensive linemen, they have to get their footwork