Coaching Search: Helpful Numbers

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People have argued this back and forth, me included: When Seth Greenberg arrived, the Tech program basically had no support.  Since he’s arrived, we’ve seen his salary triple, assistant coaches’ salaries rise, a $21 million practice facility built, not to mention chartered flights for long trips.  I’m willing to bet that from a percentage standpoint, no school in the country has increased their monetary support for men’s basketball more since 2003 than Virginia Tech.

Are they doing enough?  That depends on your point of view.  For example, Jim Weaver doesn’t just see $21 million invested in that practice facility.  He sees the money it takes to provide heat and AC every day of the year, janitors to clean it, regular maintenance costs, etc.  How much do you think that costs on average per day?  It’s not an insignificant amount.

As far as assistant basketball coaches’ salaries go, assuming Jim Weaver sticks by the numbers he gave last week before Greenberg was fired, he plans to spend $480,000 next year on assistant coaches.  That could change, depending on who he hires as Tech’s next head coach.  How does that compare to some other programs around the country, including some ACC programs?

These numbers aren’t completely up to date, and there is no one single source.  You have to use different sources for different schools, and some schools aren’t available at all.  Some schools haven’t been updated since the 2009-10 year.  Perhaps some numbers include only base salaries, while others are overall total compensation.  At any rate, here we go, starting with the Michigan Wolverines (2010)…

Jeffrey Meyer: $130,000
Javall Jordan: $125,000
Bacari Alexander: $125,000
Total: $380,000

By those numbers, the Michigan assistant coaches made a full $100,000 less than the VT coaches are scheduled to make next season.  Even if those Michigan coaches were making $30,000 more each now than they were in 2010 (unlikely), they would still total less than the VT coaches are scheduled to make next season.

Now let’s look at the Texas staff under future Hall of Famer Rick Barnes.  These numbers were obtained from The Texas Tribune, which obtained them from public records requests.

Russell Springman: $193,413
Chris Ogden: $136,883
Rob Lanier: $101,489
Total: $431,785

I find it a little hard to believe that Rob Lanier only makes around $100K, but even if