Post Spring Thoughts: Offense

Despite no Spring Game, we still have 14 practices to evaluate what the offense did this spring.  That includes several scrimmages, both mini-scrimmages and full scrimmages.

First off, here is the list of award winners for the offense.

George Preas Award (MVP) – Logan Thomas
Don Williams TEAM UNITED Award (put team first) – Matt Arkema
Coaches Award (exceptional spring) – David Wang
Frank O. Moseley Award (most hustle) – Randall Dunn
Dr. Richard Bullock Award (most improved) – Corey Fuller
President’s Award (leadership) – Andrew Miller
Paul Torgersen Award (top newcomer) – Michael Holmes

Michael Holmes

Some of those awards are obvious, others aren’t.  Matt Arkema was trying to make the playing rotation at guard, but he put the team first and took snaps at center when Caleb Farris went down with an injury.  Arkema might have helped himself out, because there’s a chance that center will turn out to be his best position at some point down the line.  I could definitely see Arkema and Farris flip-flopping positions in the future.

Randall Dunn exhibited the most hustle, which is no surprise.  He’s a fifth year senior who is trying to get into the playing rotation, and this is his last chance.  Andrew Miller won the leadership award.  He was the only returning starter on the offensive line.  The coaching staff needed him to be vocal, and he was.

Here are my own personal spring awards.

MVP: Logan Thomas .  How can it be anyone else?

Most Improved: Vinston Painter .  He had a great battle with James Gayle all spring.  He’s ready to start.

Top Freshman: Michael Holmes .  The r-freshman will be Tech’s starting running back this year.

Biggest Surprise: Randall Dunn .  I’ll admit that I didn’t expect anything from him at this stage of his career, but he apparently a good spring.  Hopefully it works out for him this fall.

Here are a few other post-spring thoughts:

I’m Worried About Mark Leal

Mark Leal missed the latter stages of spring practice with what has been termed a “respiratory issue”.  He missed the final scrimmage, last Thursday’s mini-scrimmage and would have missed the Spring Game had it actually been played.

Leal is Tech’s #2 quarterback. There are no scholarship quarterbacks in the program behind him.  If Logan Thomas goes down with an injury, the Hokies can still win with Mark Leal .  He’s a solid player, and the coaching would be conservative with him because of the great defense Tech will have on the field this year.  But competing for ACC Championships with Trey Gresh or Brian Rody would be difficult at best.

I’m worried about Leal not only because of the depth issue, but because of the way his situation is being kept under wraps.  What exactly is a “respiratory issue”?  When he missed that first scrimmage, I thought it might be a bad case of allergies.  Mine were acting up that day too.  But the issue persisted, and he hasn’t been practicing.

Hopefully that situation resolves itself soon.

Passing Game Will Look Better When Top Receivers are Healthy

Tech’s passing game was hit or miss this spring, but remember that D.J. Coles was out and Marcus Davis missed the second full scrimmage as well.  Dyrell Roberts has only played in three