Future Depth Up Front Looks Thin

We’ve talked about how recruiting offensive linemen is critical for Virginia Tech in 2013. That holds true, though any linemen the Hokies recruit in the next year won’t be contributing anytime soon. Today we’ll take a closer look at offensive line depth, particularly offensive tackle. I think we can expect a position change or two to take place between now and next spring.

Simply put, I don’t think there are enough young offensive linemen in the program. Barring injury, Tech will be fine in 2012. But in 2013, things get really thin at offensive tackle. The following list is compiled based on the positions that each guy is currently playing, and it doesn’t take into account possible future position changes.

Mark Shuman

2013 Offensive Tackles: Mark Shuman (r-Jr.), Nick Acree (r-Jr.), Jake Goins (r-So.), Augie Conte (Fr.), Adam Taraschke (Fr.)

In all honesty, that’s a scary group. And I don’t mean scary good. I think Shuman has good potential, though he’s not as far along as I hoped he would be at this point. I don’t know what to think of Jake Goins . He’s in the two-deep as a r-freshman, but I think he’s more suited for guard. I don’t know that he has the footwork for offensive tackle.