Practice Notes: Tech Going for Faster Tempo

Virginia Tech held a 47-play mini-scrimmage on Wednesday night, and Frank Beamer described it as “ragged”. That’s pretty typical for this time of year.

The Hokies are just installing their offense, and they’ve got a lot of new players getting playing time. I made a comment on the radio yesterday that I think the Tech offense will steadily get better throughout the spring as Logan Thomas and his new receivers get their timing down, and the new starting offensive linemen get used to playing next to each other. I stand by that statement. I think the offense will get better as the spring moves along.

With only 47 plays, there isn’t an opportunity for many individuals to get a lot of reps. Logan Thomas got limited work, as did backup quarterback Mark Leal . However, these mini-scrimmages do set the tone for the bigger scrimmages, such as the one that is coming up on Saturday morning in Lane Stadium.

First, courtesy of Andy Bitter, here are the stats from Wednesday’s mini-scrimmage.