Practice Update: Hokies Put On the Pads

Three practices are in the books this spring, and information is slim right now. However, the team put the pads on for the first time on Saturday, and you can expect some depth chart movement over the next week.

Hodges, Fuller Visit Blacksburg

As you know by now, two of Virginia Tech’s top 2013 prospects are quarterback Bucky Hodges and cornerback Kendall Fuller . Both players were in Blacksburg to take in Tech’s practice on Friday. Both have had a lot of exposure to Tech over the years, and both are considered Virginia Tech leans at this point.

Hodges is basically a Logan Thomas clone at the same stage. He’s 6-6, the football looks very small in his hands, and he’s got the arm to throw the deep ball. He’s still pretty raw as a passer, but he made a huge jump from his sophomore year to his junior season. If he takes another step up his senior season, he’ll end up as one of the elite quarterback prospects in the nation.