Friday Q&A: March 2, 2012

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1:  Is Seth’s seat hot? Should it be? If so, how hot, and if not, when would it potentially get hot?

Chris Coleman: Seth’s seat is not hot, and unless the program completely collapses, it’s not going to be hot as long as Jim Weaver is the athletics director.

Seth Greenberg

I want to talk about a couple of things here: down seasons and athletic directors.  First, let’s talk about down seasons.  Every team has one.  In Seth’s third year at Tech, the Hokies went 14-16.  A team that featured Zabian Dowdell, Jamon Gordon, Coleman Collins, Deron Washington and A.D. Vassallo did not even qualify for the NIT, and lost a lot of close games late.  That was a much more experienced Tech team than the current one is, with one future NBA player (Dowdell) and another future NBA draftee (Deron).

Florida won back-to-back National Championships a few years back.  How did they follow that up?  With back-to-back NIT’s.  UNC made the NIT two years ago, which is terrible for them.  Point being, everybody has down years.  This is a down year for Virginia Tech.  It happens to everybody at some point.

Am I happy with how things have turned out?  No.  Do I blame some of it on Seth?  Yes.  Do I blame most of it on Seth?  No.  I’ve said before that I really don’t think he’s the guy who is going to advance the program very much from here on out, but that doesn’t mean his seat should be hot.

I’ll tell you this right now, you don’t want Jim Weaver hiring a new basketball coach.  He hired Ricky Stokes.  He hired Beth Dunkenberger.  Seth Greenberg, who has done a nice job overall, was not near the top of Weaver’s list when Stokes was fired.  When Weaver fired Dunkenberger, he simply walked down the hall and hired Dennis Wolff off the men’s basketball staff.  That’s not meant as a criticism of Wolff, but it’s not like Weaver was turning over every rock to find a new coach.

Weaver has a football background, and his basketball hires have