ESPN Focusing on the Hokies

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Hokies a “Victim” of Their Own Success

You’ve seen the football schedule by now, and you know that the Hokies play two Thursday night games and a Monday night game, and that they don’t have a quality home Saturday game until UVA comes to town on November 24 (and that’s only quality if you enjoy blowouts over the in-state rival).  I know that royally stinks for those of you that live in Virginia Beach, Richmond or Northern Virginia.  But honestly, what did you expect in the college football world that we currently live in?

Virginia Tech has been the top team in the ACC since expansion.  They’ve easily been the most consistent program in the country, except for perhaps Boise State, in that same span.  ESPN just signed the ACC to a huge new TV deal, so naturally they are going to want the league’s flagship program in their most viewed timeslots.

No, the ACC doesn’t have a new strategy to play a bunch of weeknight games.  I went through the ACC schedule and counted up all the “big” Saturday games against high-profile non-conference teams and league games that could have a big impact on the divisional races, and I compared them to the weeknight games the conference will be playing this year.

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