Friday Q&A: January 27, 2012

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1: Same question I always ask this time of year. Is the low number of offensive line recruits a problem?

Chris Coleman: It certainly could turn out that way at some point down the line. Numbers have been a problem in Tech’s offensive line recruiting in the past, though signing three guys in one class certainly is better than some of their classes in the past.

On the other hand, signing a lot of linemen doesn’t necessarily help. Think back to the 2005 offensive line class, which featured the following six players: Eric Davis, Richard Graham, Brandon Holland, Robert Norris, Antonio North and Sergio Render. Ouch. Except for Render, that was a pretty bad class of offensive lineman. Richard Graham worked hard and made himself into something, but he was never a particularly good option.

Tech cast a wide net for offensive linemen this year. They offered guys from Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Minnesota, Georgia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and probably some others as well. They lost their four and five star targets to programs like Florida, Oklahoma and LSU. When it comes down to it, there are very few sure things in offensive line recruiting, and competition for guys like that is tougher than it is for skill position players, who are a dime a dozen compared to linemen.

Tech signed three under-the-radar recruits. Augie Conte picked Tech over UVA. Adam Taraschke will sign with Tech over Ohio. Jack Willenbrock had offers from Temple and Tulane. I like Augie Conte , and have no strong opinion either way about Taraschke or Willenbrock.

Unfortunately the Hokies lost out on the top rated offensive linemen in the state. Win Homer is going to Boston College, while Andre Miles-Redman will be a Hoo. But as we’ve learned in the past, star rankings don’t mean much when it comes to offensive line recruiting. It wouldn’t surprise me if Augie Conte turned out to be better than both of them.

Will the numbers this year turn out to be a problem? I don’t think so, as long as Tech doesn’t do it again next year. Here’s something that I don’t think has been mentioned about David Wang . He could be eligible for a sixth year. To get a sixth year of eligibility,