Basketball: 5 Thoughts After the BYU Game

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Last night’s 70-68 loss to BYU got me thinking about several different topics.  Some pertain to the BYU game specifically, and others are about the Tech program as a whole.

We’ll line them up in five different points, and you are obviously free to disagree.  These are the things I was thinking about the most during the game, after the game and this morning.

Point One: Worst 10 Minutes of Offense in Quite Awhile

The first 10 minutes of last night’s game with BYU was the worst 10 minutes of offense I have ever seen from a Virginia Tech team.  I don’t think there’s any other way it can be put.  I don’t think you can lay the blame on any one individual.  It was a team effort.

Virginia Tech started the game 0-of-16 from the field.  Jarell Eddie scored Tech’s first point on a free throw with just over 13 minutes showing on the clock, and C.J. Barksdale made the Hokies’ first field goal with 10:17 remaining in the first half.  It doesn’t get much worse than that.

BYU hit the Hokies with a 2-3 zone for the entire game, and the Tech players looked like they had no idea how to attack it in the opening 10 minutes.  They did get some point blank looks in transition, which they also failed to finish.

I just didn’t feel like Tech was well-prepared offensively, but at the same time, the players need to make those point blank shots in the lane.  This section isn’t going to break down what went wrong in the first 10 minutes, because I’m just not a basketball X’s and O’s guy.  But even the most novice of observers could point out that Tech just looked lost offensively early in the game.

Point Two: Best 30 Minutes of Offense This Season

The last 30 minutes of last night’s game were the best 30 minutes of offense I have seen by this team all season.  It’s hard to believe that any team could go from playing so poorly to playing so well in the middle of the same game, but that’s what the Hokies did last night.

After starting the game 0-of-16 from the field, Virginia Tech finished 24-of-40.  That’s a pretty incredible turnaround.  Players started making open jumpers, and even made some tough inside shots.  I thought