Friday Q&A: January 20th, 2012

Football, basketball and football recruiting are the subjects of today’s Friday Q&A.

Dorenzo Hudson

1: Dorenzo’s fall to a mostly ineffective player from 3rd team ACC (two years ago) is worrisome. What is the REAL truth behind Hudson’s up and down season? Rust, injury, lack of team chemistry, not understanding his role, and/or something else going on behind the scenes? Or some combination or permutation thereof? Also, have we heard the last of Hudson with regards to the Cody Journell incident?

Chris Coleman: If anything was going to happen with Dorenzo Hudson with regards to Cody Journell , I think it would have already happened. That situation went down a month ago, and I have to believe that nothing is going to come out.

With regards to his play on the court this year, I think it’s a number of things, and you touched on most of them. The guy is legitimately hurt, in my opinion. He made some shots last night against UNC, but overall his explosiveness is not there. Remember two years ago when he would cut hard off screens, elevate and knock down open mid-range jumpers? He’s not doing that this year. I just don’t think he has the explosiveness to accelerate hard off those screens.