Better Red Zone Performance Key to 2012 Rushing Game

Today we’re going to talk about the Virginia Tech running game, specifically David Wilson , and compare him to some of Tech’s past tailbacks. Also, how might things be different in the running game in 2012? And finally, were Tech’s red zone struggles this year the fault of the offensive coaching staff, or did certain players share the blame?

David Wilson broke Virginia Tech’s single season rushing record in 2011, gaining 1,709 yards on the ground. Arguably Tech’s most physically gifted running back ever, Wilson was blazing fast and extremely difficult to bring down in the open field. He had hands like a wide receiver, he loved contact, and he broke a lot of tackles.

In short, he’s one of the best running backs the Hokies have ever had … between the 20s. The numbers prove that. Get him inside the 20 though, and the numbers tell a different story.

Wilson in the Red zone