Raleigh Hokie: Post Sugar Bowl Thoughts, Offense and Special Teams

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The following is a transcript of a sit down interview with Raleigh Hokie.
Today’s comments cover the offense and special teams during the Sugar Bowl.

Note the comments in bold were made by Chris Coleman as he and Raleigh Hokie discussed the game

Opening Comments

Everybody is waiting to blame somebody and all. I read Will’s article, and he
basically asked the question “why?” on a number of occasions. So
that’s how I watched the game, and today I’ll try to explain why I think the
staff did some of the things they did.

I can’t explain why he did the fake punt. He called a timeout right before,
but he should have called a timeout the play before that to get the ruling on
how David Wilson was called down. (Editor’s Note: David Wilson ran for about
five yards, but the officials ruled his knee was down early in the run, and they
brought it back for no gain.) Beamer ran up to the official after that play, and
it seemed like he was going to call a timeout, but he chose not to. Then he
called the timeout the next play. But Wilson’s knee didn’t come close to
touching the ground. I don’t know which official blew the whistle, but it was
the wrong call.

I don’t know why he let Danny Coale have the option to fake it or punt it. It
was the wrong situation. Everything about that play was wrong. Wrong place on
the field, wrong clock situation, wrong time on the clock, after a timeout, with
Michigan’s regular defense on the field.

We haven’t run a rugby style punt this year with Coale. As soon as he moved
to the right, Michigan knew a fake was probably coming.

Yeah. The key was the guy Martins Scales was blocking, who eventually made
the play. If he had peeled back, Coale was supposed to run for it. I don’t think
Scales realized Coale was faking it, because he blocked his man long enough for
the punter to get a punt off, and then he let him go free.

So I can’t explain that decision to fake the punt. I don’t think