A Particularly Tough Loss

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Virginia Tech dominated Michigan on both sides of the ball on Tuesday night.
They had twice as many yards, 10 more first downs, and an advantage of almost 14
minutes in time of possession. And they lost. I didn’t think it could get any
worse than the Boise State game. I was wrong.

As a fan, I can only remember two times when I’ve been legitimately angry
following a game, as in so angry and emotional that I’d do a poor job writing
about the game immediately afterwards. Boise State last year, and Michigan this
year. But this one stings worse. Much worse, and for a variety of reasons.

Foster’s Defense: Best Game Ever?

I’ve read a lot of articles today about last night’s game. All talk about how
well the Tech defense played last night, but I’m not sure how many people truly
realize how great they played. Bud Foster has been doing this a long time, and
he’s had a lot of great games. Considering the explosiveness of Michigan
quarterback Denard Robinson, and the numbers that offense had put up all year, I
think last night was the best game the Virginia Tech defense has ever played.

Just look at the list of accomplishments:

  • Held Michigan to 56 yards rushing and 1.9 yards per carry
  • Held Michigan to 173 total yards (11 other yards were on a fluke pass to
    the long snapper on a fake goal)
  • Sacked Denard Robinson three times
  • Held Michigan to just 12 first downs, two by penalty

But most of what the Tech defense did last night can’t be put into numbers.
With a bunch of sophomores and freshmen, they completely dominated Michigan in
the trenches. They confused Denard Robinson, forcing him into many bad
decisions. He only threw one official interception. He could have easily thrown

Al Borges said after the game that he threw everything he had at the Tech
defense, but nothing worked. Virginia Tech was focused, prepared, and they
played pissed off. As well as they played against UVA, they were even better
last night. Think how good this group will be in two years when they are seniors
and juniors.

It’s really hard to pick out individual performances when everybody played a
great game, but if I had to give helmet stickers, they would go to Tariq Edwards
(he looked totally healthy after a month of rest), J.R. Collins, James Gayle,
Alonzo Tweedy, Corey Marshall and Jayron