Raleigh Hokie: Sugar Bowl Q&A

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What’s your #1 concern going into this game?

I think the #1 concern is really how Virginia Tech plays. Probably moreso than any other season, we’ve had inconsistent play on the field. The first game of the season, we played well. We played very well against Miami, we played very well against UVA, we played very well against Wake Forest. And then a few times we just tanked. A couple of times against Clemson, and we also struggled against Duke. It’s been very up and down.

We came out against Clemson and fumbled on the first play. We try to run a screen to Wilson, and he’s not in the right spot. Everything unraveled. So how we play, that’s the #1 concern. If we play well, we can play with these guys for sure. If we don’t play, it could be ugly, but you never know, they might not play well either.

You can’t come out and have three-and-outs at the beginning of the game and then have the Michigan offensive line move them up and down the field while you’re holding your breath with Denard Robinson.

How concerned are you with the kicking situation?

Well I’m glad we have so many kickers on the roster. It’s very disappointing. What Cody Journell did was a dumb kid making a dumb decision, and he’s going pay for it the rest of his life. I don’t know what Tyler Weiss was thinking. This was his one big chance and he blew it.

I think Justin Myer will be fine on his extra points. We might go for it on fourth and one, especially if we are a little closer to the endzone. We might try a couple of long ones that we wouldn’t try otherwise because Myer has a strong leg.

But yeah, I’m concerned. Myer could never beat out Journell or Weiss, so it’s a concern.

How do you defend a guy like Denard Robinson? Does Tech do anything special for him?

It will be interesting to see. He’s a little bit of a mix of Michael Vick and Tyrod Taylor. Not as good a passer as Tyrod, and not as fast as Vick. He’s got a little bit of Michael Vick quickness. Pat White would be a good comparison.

I’m worried about him because we don’t really have great overall team speed on defense this year. Cris