UNC, UVA, Logan Thomas and the Big Stage

Brrrr. That was a cold one. It was 33 degrees at kickoff of last night’s
Virginia Tech-UNC game, and the temperature steadily dropped. That fourth
quarter was brutal. It was worth it though, because the Hokies won the game,
clinched yet another 10-win season, and moved one step closer to a rematch with
the Clemson Tigers in Charlotte.

You know that scene from Dumb and Dumber when Harry and Lloyd are
driving the moped into Aspen, and it’s so cold they can barely talk or walk?
That’s what Thursday night felt like. That fourth quarter was a different level
of cold. I’m glad that one is over with.

As we talked about in the game preview, North Carolina presented some tough
matchups for Virginia Tech. The Hokies were able to get it done, and to beat
that program feels very good.