Monday Thoughts: Offense Puts up Huge Numbers, While Defense Gets Thinner

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Eight games into Logan Thomas’s career as a starting quarterback, and just
three games after flopping against Clemson, the Hokie offense is doing things it
has never done before under Frank Beamer.

Note: There is no video available for this week’s article. My DVR’d copy of
the game has digital copy protection on it, so I couldn’t copy it to DVD and
edit it on my computer (the only way I know how to capture and edit game film).

After reviewing this game on DVR, I’m not very interested in talking much
about the game itself. You knew Tech was going to beat BC; I knew it; the
players knew it; the media knew it. The Hokies got off to a slow start, but
eventually got it in gear and plowed right over BC. This one ended up 30-14, but
after the opening three minutes, it was a 30-7 game, and it ended with the
Hokies kneeling down inside the BC ten yard line.

That’s how close this game was to being 37-7, after Chris and I had predicted
34-6 and 34-7. Point being, this game went like we thought it was going to go,
and it was an easy win, so it doesn’t make for a very compelling breakdown.

What does make for interesting analysis is the Hokie offense, which is doing
great things in the wake of the Clemson disaster. We’ll go inside the numbers —
boy, will we — and point out just how unusual this offensive performance is for
a Frank Beamer-coached team.

What’s also interesting — much too interesting — is the gradual erosion of
the Virginia Tech starting defensive lineup, due to injuries. We’ll talk about
that, too.

Offense Rounding Into Shape

I’ve been reluctant to praise the offense too heavily the last couple of
weeks, because frankly (pardon the