Adjustments Fuel Tech’s Win at Wake Forest

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Raleigh Hokie explains how Tech was able to free up Jarrett Boykin for so
many big plays on Saturday night. He also talks about how Bud Foster attacked
the Wake Forest offense, and how the Hokies adjusted their blocking scheme in
the middle of the game.

The following is a transcript from a phone interview with Raleigh Hokie.

Virginia Tech hit a lot of big plays in the passing game on Saturday night.
They seemed to get Jarrett Boykin freed up a lot. What was Wake Forest doing
defensively? Were they playing a lot of man or man-free coverage?

were playing a lot of man coverage, whether it was man or man-free. They blitz a
lot. Not just against us, but against everybody. They are going to have a lot of
man-to-man coverage because of how much they blitz.

Wake probably thought they had a pretty good matchup. Boykin hadn’t done a
whole lot this season because he’s been hurt, but I think he was fully healthy
on Saturday, and he was just a better player than the guys covering him. It’s as
simple as that. We got the ball out there where he could make a play on it, and
he did.

There was less read option in this game. Is that because Wake Forest blitzes
so much?

I suspect so. Tech certainly started out with a lot less read option.
Initially they had a play that they were going to run away from the blitz reads.
I don’t know whether they had read issues in the beginning, but the blocking
certainly wasn’t very good. I think Wake stunted a lot more than we expected.
They did a lot of different stunts, and I don’t think our guys were ready for

The good news is that we adjusted to that, which has been a problem over the
years. The offense has had trouble adjusting to the defense in the past, and
sometimes we don’t see any significant changes until the second half. They did
start using more read option once they figured out what Wake Forest was doing.

If you watch the game, you’ll see the Hokies changed their blocking scheme