Read Option the Key to Tech’s Success

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What a difference a week makes. After failing to score a touchdown against
Clemson, the Tech offense ran roughshod through Miami’s defense this past
Saturday. Raleigh Hokie focuses in on the Tech offense in today’s interview.

The following is a transcription of a telephone interview with Raleigh Hokie.

That’s probably the best offensive performance I’ve seen us have without a
quarterback running around and improvising …

Like Michael Vick? Yeah. Druckenmiller had a few games that people remember
that were pretty good. Nothing like that though. Nothing that was that close,
that was that exciting at the end. Druckenmiller had a few games where he was on
fire, and everything he threw he was hitting. Logan is similar in nature as far
as he didn’t run around very much.

Jeron Gouveia-Winslow got hurt early in the game when he stopped the fake
field goal. How did Alonzo Tweedy perform?

I’ve always kind of been a fan of his. He’s much more of a playmaker in
general. The reason he doesn’t play is because he makes more mistakes than
Gouveia-Winslow. He made some mistakes in this game. That’s what you get with
him. He’s going to make plays, and he’s going to make mistakes. Hopefully the
more he plays, the more he will minimize some of his issues.

Miami caught him a few times. They knew he was in the game and ran a few
things on him. They got him a few times. Overall though, I thought he played
well and I’m not really worried about that position to be honest. I think we’ll
be just fine there.

I’m worried more about defensive tackle, I know that.

The good thing is that the Miami game is behind us, and these next three
opponents aren’t good running teams. Do you think that will mask Tech’s
weaknesses up front?

Absolutely. It won’t be nearly as big of an issue. You know, even if we had
Antoine Hopkins, Miami was going to be a pretty tough challenge. Losing him was
a major step back. That position had been a strength, and it turned into a
weakness. Miami’s offensive line is their strength.

You know how Miami is. I think they passed on what, the first five or six
plays? What are you doing?