Monday Thoughts: Hokie Offense Saves the Day Against Miami

What a ride. Fans of teams in other conferences, like the Big 12 and PAC 12
and even the SEC, are accustomed to these last-team-with-the-ball-wins
shootouts. Around these parts, a game with a thousand yards of offense and 73
points happens about once every ten years. We’re so used to strong defense and
ball control (and often tepid) offense that a game like this is one for the
ages. Not to mention another thing we don’t often say around here: “Boy,
the offense really saved the defense in this one.”

Welcome to Bizarro Lane Stadium, where defense is optional, the Hokies score
twice in the two-minute drill (including the game winner), offensive guards get
to play defensive tackle, and Jacory Harris goes an entire game without throwing
a pick. Watch in astonishment as VT tailbacks and tight ends combine for seven
catches, and revel in the wonderment of a 92% passing game from a redshirt
sophomore quarterback who piloted his team to just three points the week before.

Some things weren’t bizarro, however: Miami is still a bunch of punks, and
the Canes lost to the Hokies … again. The Hokies have now won 12 of the
last 17 games against Miami, who once again won’t be going to the ACC
Championship Game. Yes, technically they’re still mathematically alive for the
Coastal Division crown, but give it a few weeks; they won’t be.