Friday Q&A: October 7, 2011

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The Hokies are thin at defensive tackle with the injury to Antoine Hopkins.
What does that mean for Bud Foster’s defense? Also, are the Hokies trying to do
too much offensively? We talk about those subjects and more in today’s Friday

1) Are we thin enough at defensive tackle that Nick Acree is worth another
look there? Will the light come on for him?

Chris Coleman: Nope, that would not work out at all. I think he’s a
better offensive tackle than defensive tackle. When you consider the fact that
he’s fourth string and not dressing for games as an offensive tackle, that
should show you about where he was as a defensive tackle.

Acree is a work in progress, and we said as much when he signed with the
Hokies. He very much looks the part, but he’s not naturally mean, he’s not
naturally fundamentally sound, and he’s not a natural football player. All of
that is going to have to be taught, and he’s going to have to continue to work
hard to learn it.

Will the light ever come on? I don’t know. That’s anybody’s guess. I really
don’t see him contributing before his r-junior year. He’s a r-freshman right
now. He’s got a long ways to go, but we knew that from the very beginning. No
one should be disappointed with where he is right now.

2) How would you categorize our offense? Obviously it is multiple, but I’ve
heard from Raleigh, B’Street and others that we are downhill power running game
with play action. Why then do we visit schools such as Texas, WVU and most
recently Auburn to get new ideas? Why not visit teams like Alabama? It seems to
me that we are a jack of all trades, master of none.

CC: Texas and WVU ran a lot of read option back in the day when they had
fast, mobile quarterbacks. The Hokies wanted ways to use Tyrod Taylor in a
similar manner, so visits to those two schools made sense at the time. Logan
Thomas is similar physically to Cam Newton, so an offseason visit to Auburn made
sense as well. The Tech coaching staff likes to adapt their offensive formations
and playcalling to the type of quarterback they have under center. For example,
more inside read options with Logan Thomas, and more rollouts with a guy like
Tyrod Taylor.

I don’t think an Alabama visit would work right now, considering we are