Monday Thoughts: Offense, Special Teams Tank in Loss to Clemson

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Well, that was a rude awakening. Maybe not for you, but it was for me. In the
days prior to the game, I told everyone who asked, “I think the Hokies are
going to win. I’m not just saying that, either; I really think they’re going to


But I would follow up with something that Chris Coleman and I talked about
all week: “If Tech loses, it will be because of the offense and special
teams, not the defense.”


It’s called hedging your bets, and it allows you, no matter what happens, to
sound smart. I just wish that second statement didn’t sound so smart this Monday

I’ll get to the offense in a minute, because I know it’s what you all want to
talk about. It’s what you have been talking about ever since the game
started Saturday night, and Logan Thomas threw an interception and David Wilson
coughed up a fumble on Tech’s first two possessions. That was the beginning of a
putrid night for the offense that dredged up memories of 2006-2008, when the
Hokies averaged 310 yards a game, cracked 400 yards just six times in 41 games,
and generally couldn’t get out of their own way.

Saturday night looked a lot like that, and it dredged up some unpleasant
memories. We’ll get around to that. But let’s do some due diligence on the game

My favorite commentary on the game, whether from blogs, the mainstream media,
or message board posts, goes something like this: “If I had told you Tajh
Boyd would go 13 of 32 for 204 yards, Clemson tailbacks would gain just 91 yards
on 22 carries, Logan Thomas would go 15-of-27 with just one interception, David
Wilson would run for 127 yards, and the Hokies would have the ball for almost 35
minutes, would that sound like a Hokie victory to you?”

Yes, it would.