Hokies Tested by Arkansas State

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Why did Tech run David Wilson up the middle so much on Saturday? How
much better did Logan Thomas get? Was Arkansas State the best team the
Hokies have played so far? Raleigh Hokie tackles all of those questions in
this week’s interview.

The following is a transcription of a phone interview with Raleigh Hokie.

Was there a reason they ran David Wilson more between the tackles this week?

Well, if you notice, they started out in more shotgun formations and spread
personnel. Arkansas State plays a lot of guys in the box, so the Hokies were
trying to spread the defense out and run Wilson through the middle.

When Tech was under center, they just ran basic stuff with Wilson. They ran
him once on a sweep style play. I think the game plan was they were going to run
at Arkansas State and see if they could get the defense to flatten out some.
Plenty of times it worked, and sometimes it didn’t.

When Tech was stopped inside the five yard line on their first possession,
there were a lot of execution issues on those four snaps that I saw live. It was
actually more difficult to see it on the tape than it was from the seats.

If you’re an offensive coach, you know you’ve got your bread and butter
plays, and you know those plays have to work if you are going to be successful
down the road. If you don’t gain a lot of yards on your bread and butter plays,
and you look at it and see they are stacking the box, okay. But if you run those
plays and look at it and see you have execution issues – the linemen miss a
block, the linemen aren’t redirecting, the running back is seeing the wrong
things – you want to keep doing that stuff because you want to get it cleaned
up. And you’ve got to clean it up against Arkansas State before you get to

Speaking of Arkansas State, I thought their defense was a lot more physical
at the point of attack than East Carolina’s. What did you think about Arkansas
State overall as an opponent?

I had said about a week ago that one thing I was glad to see was that the
opponent was getting a little better