Friday Q&A: September 2, 2011

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Kickoff is just a day away, but we’re dealing with much more than just
football. Today’s Friday Q&A addresses the Tech defense, leadership on the
current team, true freshman tailback Michael Holmes, as well as a little bit
about a possible move to the SEC.

1) Does the Virginia Tech football team show signs of individualism that has
plagued other talented teams, leading to unforeseen losses, or do you see
leadership that will direct this talented team to many successes? If there is
true leadership, who are the vocal leaders?

Chris Coleman: I don’t think there is anyone who will cause chemistry
problems. There aren’t any Marcus Vicks or DeAngelo Halls. Since the Hokies
joined the ACC, Frank Beamer and the coaching staff have done a good job of
recruiting the right type of player to Blacksburg … winning players who
graduate and who are good teammates. The typical Tech football player is a
little bit different right now than he would have been 10 years ago.

As far as the vocal leaders of the team, we can look on both sides of the
ball and pick out a couple. Defensively, Eddie Whitley is the only senior, and
he is a vocal leader. Linebacker Bruce Taylor also seems like the type of person
who will fill that role.

Offensively, there are four senior offensive linemen on the team who have
been through the battles up front, but I really see Logan Thomas as a vocal guy
in the huddle. He has the respect of his teammates, he’s a naturally confident
player, and remember, he’s big enough to beat up anybody else in the huddle.

2) Do you see a larger stadium in VT’s future if they move into the SEC? Is
the $7-8 million more a year in TV revenues worth the move into the SEC or would
traveling/recruitment and other costs use up those funds?

CC: Virginia Tech won’t move to the SEC because of more money. If they
move to the SEC, it’s because they see it as a more viable future than playing
in the ACC. Each school has their own reasons for changing conferences (or not
changing conferences), and believe it or not, a lot of times it’s really not
about the money.