Monday Thoughts: Miami and UNC Weaken Coastal Division

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What do Virginia Tech, UVA and Duke have in common in football? Not much. The
Hokies win, and those other schools don’t. Tech fans show up for games. At UVA
and Duke, that doesn’t happen very often. They do have one major thing in
common, however. In a year or so, they are going to be the only programs in the
ACC Coastal Division that aren’t on probation.

The NCAA has already slapped Georgia Tech, with Miami and North Carolina
still to come. That’s half of Coastal Division. That’s 75% of the winning teams
in the Coastal Division.

If UNC gets hit fairly hard by the NCAA, and they probably will, then what
will happen to Miami? The violations of the Canes are Major League type stuff.
Compared to Miami, the Tar Heels are playing Double-A ball. Who is happier about
the Miami situation than UNC?

One thing those schools need to be asking themselves: was it worth it? The
Canes and Tar Heels are probably the worst cheaters you’ll ever see. UNC went
28-23 under Butch Davis, with a couple of Tire Bowls and a Music City Bowl.
Since 2006, the mighty “U” is 35-29 with Holiday trips to scenic
Boise, Idaho and El Paso, TX. I’m not sure how it’s possible to commit as many
violations as those schools did and still be so mediocre.

It’s easy to figure out why Miami and UNC haven’t been more successful. They
are recruiting the wrong types of players. They are recruiting guys who want a
quick ticket to the NFL. They are recruiting guys who don’t care about winning.

One of the conclusions we drew earlier this year is that for Virginia Tech’s
program to move forward, they have to recruit better. They have to recruit
better linemen, and they have to be able to go head-to-head with the major
programs more often.

That remains true. However, I don’t want to recruit too much better. I
don’t want that many 5-star recruits. I don’t think your average 17-year old
recruit cares as much about winning anymore. Particularly the elite prospects
who pay more attention to depth charts and playing one school off the other in
the recruiting game. There is so much exposure