Davis Out at UNC, Many Months too Late for 2011 Recruits

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On Wednesday, Butch Davis was relieved of his head coaching duties at the
University of North Carolina. That decision from the Carolina administration
came months too late. On Thursday morning, the second head rolled: that of
athletics director Dick Baddour.

First off, let me say that while it’s easy to point and laugh at Butch for
getting his well-deserved comeuppance (I love that word), let’s also remember
that innocents are harmed with every firing. I’m sure Butch’s family isn’t
having a very pleasant time going through this, and for every Marvin Austin and
Michael McAdoo, there are good guys in the UNC program who write their papers
themselves and who aren’t getting paid by agents. I don’t feel bad for Butch
Davis, or for UNC, but I feel bad for the good guys in that program who now
won’t get a fair chance to be successful on the football field thanks to their
own teammates and coaching staff.

I’m sincere when I say that, but there’s no reason to drag it out. Let’s talk
more about the UNC situation, the ACC, and Virginia Tech recruiting.

The Most Important Decision of Their Lives

If you’ve read enough of my articles in the past, you know that decommitments
in recruiting don’t really bother me. These guys have one chance to make the
most important decision of their lives (up to that point), and they better get
it right. Sure, they can transfer, but it’s much better to make the correct
decision the first time they sign on the dotted line.

When I see high schools seniors make what I believe is a bad decision, it
bothers me. Four guys made some really bad decisions last February when they
signed with North Carolina over a whole host of major programs: linebacker
Travis Hughes, quarterback Marquise Williams, offensive lineman Landon Turner...