Thomas Has a Lot Going for Him, but Still Has Plenty to Prove

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While Virginia Tech was busy winning the ACC Championship last season, Logan
Thomas mostly stood on the sidelines, relayed play calls in to Tyrod Taylor, and
waited his turn to enter the game in mopup situations. For Thomas, 2011 is going
to be a lot different than 2010.

Thomas went 12-of-26 for 107 yards last season, and also had 22 yards on the
ground. In the Wake Forest game, he came in cold with no gloves to catch a
touchdown pass in the corner of the end zone. His only major contribution on the
field was his 24 yard pass over the middle to Danny Coale on a big third down
play at Miami.

In a total of seven games last season, Thomas saw action on exactly two plays
when the game was undecided: his catch against Wake, and his throw to Coale at
Miami. There are different ways to look at that.

The first: Logan Thomas is a real cold fish, to steal a line from The
Shawshank Redemption. He has been on the field for all of two plays that
actually mattered. He has never faced a defense that has spent the entire week
game planning to stop him. He has never had to get up from a painful sack. He
has never had to rally his team from behind. He has never … well, he’s never
really done much at all.


The second: in his two plays in non-mopup duty, Thomas caught a touchdown
pass and completed a 24 yard pass over the middle on third and 16. That means he
has done something clutch on each of the two real plays he has been a part of,
with the first string offense on the field with him. Logan Thomas is batting
1.000 in that situation.

That’s really not enough evidence to form an opinion either way as to whether
or not Thomas is going to succeed in his first year as Virginia Tech’s starter.
What we do know is that Thomas will be facing some things that he’s never faced
before in his life.

The Pressure