Tech a Sleeper in 2011

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College football is wide open in 2011. There is no clear #1 team going into
the season. Every team out there has a weakness, and many of the teams that are
considered National Championship contenders will face a very tough
non-conference opponent early in the year. This is anybody’s year.

We said the same last year, when college football lost stars such as Tim
Tebow and Sam Bradford. There was no clear favorite heading into the season, and
we saw Auburn (preseason #22) and Oregon (preseason #11) playing for the
National Championship at the end. We probably won’t see anything quite that
extreme this year, but it would not be surprising to see a preseason sleeper or
two still in the race in late November.

Recent National Championship



2004 USC 1
2005 Texas 2
2006 Florida 8
2007 LSU 2
2008 Florida 5
2009 Alabama 5
2010 Auburn 22

Until last season, nobody had really come out of nowhere to win it all in recent
seasons. Last season, we saw two teams come out of nowhere to play each other
for the National Championship. We could see the same thing happen again this