Friday Q&A, May 13, 2011

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Recruiting, facilities and Dominique Patterson’s move to tailback are the
topics of today’s Q&A. Recruiting is always a major topic in the offseason,
while the Patterson move will hopefully create some much-needed depth and
competition at running back.

1) Would Frank Beamer ever change his mind about the six hour recruiting

Chris Coleman: For those who don’t know, Frank Beamer’s recruiting
philosophy is to recruit in a six hour radius around Blacksburg. On occasion,
the Hokies will head to Florida to pick up a player who shows heavy interest, or
they might even stray to Texas to pick up T.J. Millweard if he makes the initial
contact. But the vast majority of their recruiting efforts are going to be spent
in a six hour radius from Blacksburg.

I don’t think Beamer will change his mind about the six hour radius, and I
don’t think he should change it. Not even for big-time recruits. Five-star
recruits are just as likely to stay close to home as three-star recruits. Of the
26 five-star recruits in the 2011 recruiting class, 12 decided to play in-state.
That’s a pretty high percentage, a little higher than I would have guessed.
Another nine went to an out-of-state school that bordered their home state
(Texas recruits going to the Oklahoma Sooners), or stayed in the same recruiting
region (Florida recruits heading to Clemson, which is still in the southeast).
That’s 21 out of 26 staying in-state or relatively close to home. Most recruits
stay close to home, even the highly-ranked guys.

What purpose would it serve for Frank Beamer to start recruiting Alabama,
Mississippi or Louisiana? Those guys aren’t coming to Virginia Tech. They are
going to stay closer to home and play football in the SEC, or go to Clemson or
Florida State. The Hokies, like most schools, have to focus on their particular
region and stay true to it.

That’s what Tech is doing this year.

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