Phil Martin’s Take: Scrimmage #1

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Going into the scrimmage, I wanted to see Logan Thomas and see how he’s
performing. He looked great. He showed poised, and he seems to have a good
understanding of the offense. He certainly has the physical skills. I think that
was extremely positive coming out of the scrimmage.

I always look at line play. Sometimes it’s hard to see, because the first
team is playing the second team. Normally some guys on the second team are
overmatched physically at this stage; they are young and need to get bigger.
Overall I thought Tech looked good in terms of raw physical talent. Nobody
really seemed to be overmatched on the lines. I thought the play was very
physical up front. I think the offensive line’s depth is better than I’ve seen
… as long as I can remember, just about.

Tech goes two deep on the offensive line, and maybe deeper than that with
Mark Shuman running with the third team.

I watched Andrew Miller quite a bit. I really, really like Andrew Miller. I
think he’s going to become the next big center at Tech. He’ll be right up there
with Jim Pyne, Billy Conaty and Jake Grove. I think he’s that caliber. He’s
still young, he’s still learning, but everything I hear is that he’s working
extremely hard. He’s got a nasty attitude that I haven’t always seen on the
offensive line the last few years. He’ll bring a lot to the table, and he’s just
a third year player now. I think he’s going to be on par with anybody (on the
Tech line) this year, and by the time he’s a senior I think he’s going to be one
of the more dominant centers in the country.

Miller is aggressive to the whistle, he’s not dirty by any means, but he
sticks with his blocks. He doesn’t just move through the first level and stop.
He is always seeking out someone to block.

From what I saw, I thought Vinston Painter looked good. I think right tackle
is his position. When he was playing guard, you just didn’t see the
aggressiveness. It’s like he was trying to think too much. He’s one of those...